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Cabinet Refacing Will Transform Your Home

Updated: Jul 1

The cabinets in your house need to be updated. They might be soiled or scratched. Maybe the coloring or finish has grown old to you. However, you're hesitant to tear out every cabinet, tear the walls down and start again because it would be expensive and could render your entire kitchen useless. Your house can be transformed entirely by a cabinet refacing solution without the clutter, hassle, and cost of a renovation project. It takes just a few days, not weeks, to enjoy the benefits and elegance of brand-new cabinets. How do you determine whether cabinet refacing is the best option for you? To find out everything, look at this primer!

Cabinet Refacing: What Is It?

Cabinet frames typically last longer than cabinet drawers and doors do. In cabinet refacing, professionals take off the doors and drawers while leaving the existing frames of the kitchen cabinets in place. They apply a fresh laminate or wood veneer to cover the boxes. New cabinet panels, drawers, and accessories are then put in place. The doors, drawer fronts, and original boxes will be veneered to match the newer, seemingly brand-new drawer fronts and doors on the cabinets.

Options For Cabinet Transformation

When you have your cabinets refaced, the sky is the limit! Your old, worn-out house can be swiftly and affordably updated to become a lovely retreat.

Type Of Wood And Finish

Various wood species can be used for refacing, including walnut, maple, red oak, cherry, hickory, white oak, and rustic alder. Additionally, there is a beautiful variety of paint options available in various hues, including alternatives in the famous green and blue hues right now. Add glazing or distressing to your finish to make it more unique. With all these options, you may modernize an outdated hardwood home and make it appear lighter and more up-to-date.

Drawer And Door Design

Updating the design of your cabinet drawer fronts and doors is a terrific method to transform your house's appearance dramatically. Refining services come in various conventional, contemporary, and rustic designs. You are bound to find a choice that appeals to your taste within their collection.

Modern Hardware

You will have the chance to replace your handles, pulls, and latches since professionals will change your panels and drawer fronts. Even though many refacing services don't supply or sell hardware, you are welcome to buy new devices from any source, and they will gladly install them.

Replacing Cabinets

Many refacing businesses don't perform substantial remodeling work. Still, they can increase the size of your kitchen by installing more cabinets and resurfacing them to match the rest of your cabinets.


Since refacing doesn't involve moving appliances or requiring demolition, you can continue using your home while contractors work on it. Typically, a refacing service needs two to four days. Each day before they go, they also clean the area, leaving you with functional space for the refacing process! Painting your kitchen cabinets can be an option if you plan to move in the next few years. However, refacing will provide long-lasting cabinets if you want to utilize these cabinets for many years.


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