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Escrow Services




When it comes to title and escrow services, there is one company that stands above the rest: Niksi. With our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, we are the company to choose for all your title and escrow needs. As a trusted company in the industry, we offer a comprehensive range of services that ensure smooth and secure real estate transactions. Our agents create a more personal experience by working with you through each step of the process and ensuring you are never left in the dark during a transaction. 


Escrow Services


What is


What is Escrow?

Escrow provides one place where all funds and documents of a transaction may be deposited through a disinterested, independent third party that can perform these services within the limitations of a written contract thus protecting both the buyer and the seller.


Why do I need an Escrow Officer?

Why do I need an Escrow Officer?

They are responsible for the final settlement between the seller and the buyer. An escrow officer handles all intricacies of a transaction, giving you the confirmation that your best interests are protected throughout the entire process.


Our escrow team is responsible for managing the entire escrow process, acting as a neutral third party that facilitates the transaction between the buyer, seller, and other parties involved. They meticulously handle all the necessary paperwork, documents, and funds throughout the process, ensuring compliance with legal and financial requirements.


One of the critical roles of our escrow team is to handle the funds involved in the transaction securely. They establish and maintain an escrow account, where funds are held until all conditions of the transaction are met. Our team ensures that the funds are distributed accurately and efficiently, following the agreed-upon terms and instructions.


Our escrow team collaborates closely with our title professionals to conduct thorough title examinations. They review all pertinent documents, verify the ownership history, and identify any potential issues or liens that could affect the property's title. Additionally, they help coordinate title insurance, providing added protection and peace of mind for all parties involved in the transaction.


Our escrow team excels in communication and collaboration, acting as a central point of contact for all parties involved in the transaction. They maintain open lines of communication, ensuring that all parties are informed of the progress, addressing any concerns or questions promptly. Their ability to foster collaboration and facilitate effective communication sets them apart in the industry.


Why should I have Title Insurance?

Title insurance will protect you from the following, and without it, there is no guarantee:


    Deeds by a person of unsound mind

  • Deeds by a person supposedly single, but indeed is married

  • Deeds by minors

  • Liens for unpaid inheritance, income, or gift taxes

  • Fraud

  • Mistakes in recording legal documents



We take great pride in our exceptional team of underwriters, who play a crucial role in ensuring the success and reliability of our services. Our underwriters are highly skilled professionals who possess extensive knowledge and expertise in their field. Our team of underwriters stand out for their expertise and experience, comprehensive risk assessment, attention to detail, effective communication, problem solving skills, and commitment to customer service. Our underwriters' knowledge and skills enable us to provide reliable and efficient underwriting services, giving our clients the confidence they need for successful real estate transactions.

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