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About Us

Niksi is a multi-channel company created by two dynamic individuals, Nina and Sina. The two began their journey together in 2013, with a passion for design and efficiency. They wanted to become the business that is the source of the source for all things real estate. The two decided that they would work together to create beautiful luxury designs, while providing all services clients may need throughout the process of building, buying, or selling a home. Running multiple businesses is no easy feat, but Nina and Sina have soared above each challenge with grade as the company continued to grow.

Who We Are

A business created through love and trust, Nina and Sina knew they needed the perfect name to represent their business. Niksi was created through the bond that these two have together, quite literally. (Ni)na, (Si)na, and the K. The letter K in the name represents charisma & teamwork, two things that are prevalent in the business and relationship that the couple has created. As the 11th letter in the alphabet it represents illuminations, new discoveries, breakthroughs.

The Name

Niksi consists of five companies within itself, Title & Escrow Services, Funding, Construction, Architecture & Design, and Realty. All of these services can be used together or separately, as Niksi understands that all client needs are different. Visit our pages to see what each business offers, and what service is perfect for you!

What We Do

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