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Escrow Services

Our escrow officers will help you from start to finish with the buying and selling process of your property. We will make sure all conditions of the sale are being met prior to any financial exchange from the buyer to the seller. You are the priority here at Niksi, and it is our responsibility and passion to ensure that starting your next journey is both smooth and stress free. 

Title Insurance

Why do you need title insurance?

Receiving the title to a home does not always come with a bouquet of roses, and our experts are here to make sure you receive title insurance when purchasing a property. This insurance will protect you against any issues or defects upon receiving the title to a new property. 


Our experts are the heart of ensuring a lender will give you the loan you need to start your next journey. We take a look at the property details along with ownership history to ensure that you are protected from any defects in the property. 

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Phone: 480-805-6003

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