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Remodelling Your Bathroom? Don't Make These 8 Mistakes

Updated: May 23, 2023

Bathrooms are an equally important part of the house with other living spaces. Thus, designing this space also requires expertise when planning and remodelling.

  • Ventilation- Just as in living and other rooms, ventilation is equally vital in the bathroom. The bathroom can be a breeding ground for moulds, insects, and fungi as it remains damp. Also, ventilation helps to regulate the bad air passed while using the washroom.

  • Bathtubs- They not only improve the bathroom space's aesthetics but also add comfort while bathing. Also, if you plan to resell the house or rent it, you must equip a bathtub considering buyers' comfort.

Besides, if your bathroom space is small, you can either resize your bathtub or use walk- showers. Although, you should only rip the bathtub with due consideration.

  • Modern storage- Convenience is one of the significant aspects of living space. Thus, using innovative and space minimization storage can uplift the convenience factor. It fits into space, improves aesthetics, reduces the incidence of accidents, and saves wastage.

For example, you can replace your mirrors with a storage-combined mirror that saves space and improves convenience. Also, consider the sink size best suits your décor and bathroom space. You must not overlook the storage factor in a bathroom space.

The modern bathrooms must have electrical charging and storage spaces. As the majority of gadgets are becoming electronic, you should overlook outlets for electricals. Many electric devices are used in bathrooms, like hair dryers, razors, curling irons, etc.

Along with electrical outlets, there should be space to keep these devices; otherwise, these electrical boards will never be used. This will spoil your bathroom aesthetics and devalue the cost of equipping it. Besides, avoid using bulky sockets or big outlets as it distorts the aesthetics of bathroom space.

  • Door opening- Pay attention to the space for opening doors. Choose the doors that perfectly fit your space and align with your house décor. To save on bathroom space, you can choose sliding doors, which fit very well with all types of décors. You can also consider using round and bifold if the bathroom space is small. In case the space is ample, you can use hinge or pivot doors.

  • Doing the renovation yourself- you might be talented in fixing household devices. However, you must take the help of an expert to redesign your bathroom. This will help to improve the aesthetics while ensuring value for money in renovation work. After completing renovation planning, you should employ an expert artisan. Doing everything by yourself can increase the costs instead of evaluating them.

  • Choosing the floor- Most people make the mistake of choosing marble for floors. Although it depicts luxury, but might not be an intelligent choice. Marbles are very costly, also using the same can cause accidents like slips and drips as the bathroom remains wet most of the time.

If there are some design errors in the bathroom, you can improve while remodelling it. Thereby, it would help if you were mindful when redesigning your bathroom. If you really want to get a perfect living-in-place design for your bathroom, then you need to contact NIKSI. They will help you with the most perfect design for the bathroom, and with that, you can be assured about everything you want to get in your bathroom.


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