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Are RTA cabinets good quality? We set the record straight

Updated: Jul 1

Whether you own your property outright or are a landlord, you will eventually need to remodel it. Renovations are required to preserve your house in pristine shape for your household or even for a buyer if you wish to sell it, even if they are time taking and sometimes expensive. Adopting Ready-to-Assemble (RTA) cabinets is among the numerous ways customers may save money when replacing their cabinets.

How do you recognize RTA cabinets?

Installing kitchen cabinets can be daunting, but it's easy with the right tools and RTA cabinets are those that are delivered to your place already assembled. You are given every component—doors, chassis, cabinet drifts, etc.—but it is your responsibility to assemble each one prior to fitting it. Often, the only thing required to put them together is some wooden adhesive and a rubber ball because everything is prefinished and trimmed to size from the factory.

RTA cabinets are available in a range of styles and coatings. In reality, an RTA choice is offered for many of the most well-liked and modern cabinet designs. The best part is that, even with RTA cabinets, you can completely realise your ideal kitchen design because there are so many finishing options available.

What will it cost you to buy RTA cabinets?

The price of RTA cabinets depends on several factors. Are you buying custom depths or getting ready for glass? Maybe you're looking for a certain shade of blue or green. The more creative your ideas are, whether the cabinets are RTA or not, the more expensive the cabinetry will be. Even though RTA cabinets arrive unassembled and are frequently less expensive for storage and transportation, you'll still save money even if you buy them with extra features.

How is RTA cabinetry advantageous?

RTA cabinets seems to have a number of benefits. They are a considerably superior option for homeowners looking for a quick turnaround than other options, and not only because they are less expensive. Since they are ready to ship in only a few days, the majority of clients receive their kitchen cabinets within two weeks of placing their order! For those who need to remodel their kitchens quickly or for landlords who need to make adjustments before a renter moves in, RTA cabinets can be the best option.

The uniformity of features among RTA cabinets is another advantage. Essentially, all of the RTA cabinet lines you consider should include plywood boxes and real wood front frames. Most will also come with opulent features like soft drawers and doors. Instead of charging extra for features like plywood-only boxes, soft gates, and compartments, many semi-custom or factory-built lines.

The flexibility of RTA cabinets is another advantage that many people overlook. Most RTA cabinets are only available in a limited variety of designs for a purpose, generally so they can be relocated fairly quickly. This is fantastic for managing rental homes or even for property owners remodeling but unsure of how long they'll stay in the home.

You don't have to make many choices regarding how RTA cabinets will appear or what characteristics they will offer. In actuality, there are just a few different styles available for RTA cabinets. A more costly countertop or possibly additional appliances might be purchased with the savings. If you need the installation of quality RTA cabinets for your kitchen do consult Niksi for an amazing experience.


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